Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow pictures? Snow problem!

I've been with The Times for over a quarter century and every time it snows, I know my job is to get snow pictures. After the latest deposit in the snow bank from Mother Nature, I managed to find two things I'd never photographed before. I went to Waterfront Park to see how things looked at the baseball stadium where NY Yankees Double-A affiliate Trenton Thunder play. While the receptionist, Susanna, was trying to reach public relations director Bill Cook on the phone, he came walking out, camera in hand to make some snow pictures of his own for the Thunder's facebook page. That made my day because it's always nice to have a person in a weather picture. Bill went to work and so did I.

After that, I spotted a really big crew working on clearing the snow around Trenton's War Memorial, home of Patriots Theatre. I never photographed that many people shoveling at once before.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sad Day in Bordentown

Saturday, January 22, 2011 was the day of the funeral for Army Pfc. Benjamin Moore, who grew up in Bordentown City and graduated Bordentown Regional High School. The young soldier, who was also a volunteer firefighter and certified EMT at Hope Hose Humane Co. #1 in Bordentown, was killed in combat in Ghanzi Province on Jan. 12, in an IED attack. Funeral services were held at Trinity Methodist Church.

Bordentown's Mayor James Lynch greets mourners following services. Benjamin Moore was posthumously named chief of Hope Hose Fire Co. and according to Lynch, he will be officially named honorary mayor of the city at the next meeting of the city commission.