Saturday, March 19, 2011

One month

It's been just over thirty days since I added anything to my blog and last night I heard about it from my friend at my band's show at the Cactus Grill last night so thanks to Marita, here's a flashback:

Trenton Devils try to score on the Elmira Jackals as viewed from a high-up catwalk where no one can hear you scream ;)

Rising waters of the Delaware River spill onto River Road in Yardley, PA.

Princeton (home of Albert Einstein) celebrates Pi Day with pie throwing and one victim grabs a snack.

Film director Jeff Stewart in Downtown Trenton gets the "edgy" treatment in this portrait.

Princeton University wants to develop Alexander Street into a more suitable "gateway into Princeton." The trees bordering the golf course can stay but they want something different than those buildings on the other side of the street.