Friday, June 29, 2007

Summer has officially arrived and it has arrived for real around here. You know the routine, a string of ninety-degree days and TV goes crazy trying to convince everybody it's the end of the world. It also means a guy like me has to find hot weather pictures to accompany weather stories. I went down to the river looking for some nice sunset scene, but the sky was dull and hazy. As I left the river access, I noticed the crowd at Debbie's Snack Shop in Florence NJ.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Choose from these captions:

1) For those of you tired of seeing pitcher pictures, double plays, or steal attempts at 2nd base, this one is for you.

2) This is a lucky photo, luck being where preparation meets opportunity.

3) If you give typewriters to enough monkeys, sooner or later, one of them will produce something good.

I'm coming up on 23 years full-time at the Trenton Times. I've labored through quite a few innings of baseball hoping to see something a little different happen...and actually be ready. Shooting baseball has a way of dulling your concentration until something unexpected happens and then I find myself saying "Wow! That would have been a cool picture," after it's too late. I work with two camera bodies. Most pictures are done with the big lens, 300 or 400mm, on a monopod, but when I saw this player running toward me, I swung the 70-200 from my shoulder and one-handed this picture. Thank you, autofocus.