Monday, April 30, 2007

Here's an example of a small town story getting international attention. A resolution was passed in Hightstown, NJ enacting a no-questions-asked policy on immigration. A Washington Post article has inspired interest from media organizations around the world. (They have a great website). Being mayor of Hightstown may only be a part-time job, but mayor Bob Patten is putting in full-time hours, last week alone, entertaining crews from CNN, German & Austrian TV and appearing on "The O'Reilly Factor, on Fox News. Patten calls his town "one square mile of paradise".

When I arrived at borough hall for our appointment, nobody could find Mayor Patten. Rather than wait, I hit the streets and found him just as he was saying goodbye to a news crew from CNN.

I started photographing him in the center of town and a guy came out from a restaurant and said "Hey! Aren't you the mayor?" I hopped the fence like a track star to get into position for what I knew was coming next - the handshake. There went the artistry of my posed pictures, but this relates to the story much better.