Friday, November 6, 2009

Art Opening

I'm occasionally of two minds on particular subjects, but this is ridiculous. Last night, I got to be four people at once! I went to an opening in an art gallery as an art fan, a music fan, a represented artist and a newspaper photographer. I got the assignment to go to Roma Bank headquarters on Rt 33 in Hamilton Township for a show in conjunction with the Arts & Business Council of Greater Trenton, with the purpose of celebrating and building connections between the region's business and arts communities. (The two people left of center are looking at some of my work and the guitarist at right is Jim Arkus.)

Deadlines being what they are, I couldn't stay long, but I did stop my car on the way out long enough to make a few more photographs and combine two exposures to show what it looked like from the outside.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Eagles Fly High Above Giants

Happy days for the Philadelphia Eagles as Jason Avant jumps on Bret Celek to congratulate the tight end on his TD catch vs the new York Giants.

This place was the point of convergence. In one area the Philadelphia Eagles and Giants would meet and within hours, the Philadelphia Phillies and New York Yankees would meet in game four of the World Series. (above) Outside The Linc, a guy wearing a Giants jersey outside The Linc gets some attention even as his brother-in-law, left, sports an Eagles jersey. Citizens Bank Park, where the Phillies play, is in the background.

This Langhorne, PA couple, the Romeo & Juliet of the sports world share a moment together before gametime.

I shoot football with two cameras, one for far away and one for when they get closer. When Eagles RB Leonard Weaver started running through the line, I was using the big lens. I quickly realized he was breaking away (and starting to fill the frame), so I picked up the other camera in time to catch him jumping away from a tackle before reaching the endzone for the Eagles' first TD.

Eagles defender Quintin Mikell was sure he was going to make an interception, but somehow the ball slipped through his hands.

Former Eagles coach, the late Buddy Ryan used to say about receiver Chris Carter "All he does is catch touchdowns". All current Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson does is catch long touchdowns (and return kicks for long touchdowns). With this 54-yd TD he tied an Eagles record with his sixth TD of the season of 50-plus yards.

Giants QB Eli Manning usually makes a good expression when he gets sacked.

I never saw Andy Reid open his mouth this wide as he tells QB Donovan McNabb a thing or two late in the game. McNabb now has a bunch of stuff like over 30,000 yds passing, over 200 TDs passing and 3,000 rushing yds and 20 rushing Tds. You get the point.