Monday, September 28, 2009

Ooh, look at the rainbow!

Go on, say it. That's what you were thinking anyway. I didn't even notice the rainbow at first. It was the lighting that made me stop my car as I was driving home from work. After some sudden, violent rainfall in the early evening, I caught the sun peeking out from the cloud covers before it went to sleep for the night. It cast some wild light on the brick buildings of the old Roebling Steel complex contrasting them against the dramatic sky.

Eagles Honor Roll

Two former players were honored at halftime. Randall Cunningham, who played with the team from 1985-1995 and Al Wistert who was an active Eagle from 1943-1951!

Birds in flight

They're Eagles, so they're supposed to fly, right?

Or sometimes, they make their opponents fly.

And maybe even fly with their opponents.