Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Caring Christmas

Sunday night, December 17, 2010, you have the opportunity to do good, feel good and hear some great music at The 11th Annual Ernie White Band And Friends Christmas Benefit Concert at the beautifully restored Patriots Theater at the Trenton War Memorial. (Personal note: If you're now thinking "Oh, I don't want to go into Trenton" then wake up. The place is right off the highway, Rt 29. You don't have to walk the streets.) This year's beneficiary is The Trenton Area Soup Kitchen. I've got to stop. This is starting to sound like a press release. Here's the deal. Ernie's an acquaintance. We both went to St. Anthony's high school at the same time. I can recall him playing with a rock band of his on stage at a school assembly. It was quite a cool and radical departure from the usual school assemblies we were used to at a catholic high school in the seventies. Fast forward to now and when I show up for the photo shoot for the Good Times cover, here he is with the same guitar I specifically remember him playing back on that stage in high school! (I'm a guitar player, too, so I notice these things.) For eleven years now, Ernie has been using his musical ability and influence to raise awareness and funds for local charities. That makes me proud of him.