Sunday, February 15, 2009

On Friday I got to spend a couple of hours hanging out with and photographing two homeless teens for the do1thing project at HomeFront's Huchet House, in Trenton, New Jersey, a place where family care workers and a parent educator focus on ensuring pregnant homeless women receive needed services like prenatal care and employment training. I tried something different, too, my first foray into slideshows with audio. I had just purchased a digital audio recorder, for two reasons, they have really come way down in price and my sister had given me a B&H Photo gift card for my birthday. It was delivered on Wednesday and I brought it with me as an afterthought to Huchet House and got a very little bit of reluctant audio from the girls before I left. It took me most of Saturday to learn how to edit the audio and incorporate it into a slideshow using various "new to me" programs. After I sent my still photos and slideshows to do1thing, I posted the slideshows on my own webspace. Each one is roughly thirty seconds long. I only had a couple of hours to be in their worlds, but it seems even stranger to try and tell their story in thirty seconds.

You can see them here: