Monday, October 4, 2010

Who says you can't go home?

The much-anticipated return of Donovan McNabb to Lincoln Financial Field (in his first time as the Washington Redskins quarterback) was full of unanticipated happenings.

Here he takes to the field for pre-game warmups before fans were admitted to their seats.

Later, he scurried in (under armed guard) and when his name was announced, the fans greeted him warmly, with applause and a standing ovation.

Donovan flies like an eagle to celebrates his first TD pass.

His replacement on the Eagles, Michael Vick nears the end of a gutsy 23-yd run to the goal line...

...where two Redskins converged and made him into a broken-rib sandwich.

Vick's a warrior. He got up to walk off but fell to his knees, reminding me of an old photo of NY Giants QB Y.A Tittle. If you know what I'm talking about, you're over the same hill I am.

Eagles FB Owen Schmitt comes back to earth after attempting to hurdle a defender.

RB LeSean McCoy contributed an impressive 174 combined yards, receiving and running.

On the final play of the game, a "Hail Mary" pass into the endzone, Eagles WR Jason Avant has a firm grip on the ball...

...but only for a fraction of a second, and the Eagles can't steal a victory.

However, McNabb and his ex, Eagles head coach Andy Reid, can steal a hug on the field after the game, while McNabb's new head coach Mike Shanahan , isn't looking.