Thursday, December 20, 2007

Philadelphia Eagles punter Sav Rocca makes a TD saving tackle on a punt return by Seattle Seahawks Nate Burleson in the 2nd quarter. It was close most of the game except at the end when the Eagles fell short and lost.

The following week was no better. When the NY (who play home games in New Jersey) Giants travel down the turnpike to Philadelphia, fans will tangle.
At this time, the Eagles had the upper hand, so the local Eagles fan gets to harrass the Giants fan.

With things still looking good for the Eagles, Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey can't hold onto a TD pass in the cold December ray-y-ane which is even colder then November rain.).

Here's the part where it doesn't look so good for the home team. The Eagles had to attempt a 56-yd field goal in the final seconds to tie. It went so far as to hit the crossbar...and bounce the wrong way. It missed. Game over. Eagles lose. Worst of all, I lose again and must buy my daughter-in-law chocolate chip cookies.

The Last Bingo - for the Ukranian Church of the Holy Trinity on Adeline St. in Trenton. The church held its final Bingo on December 11. One more thing that isn't going to be there anymore.

Bingo worker Barbara Scabarozi takes Bingo cards out of a closet.

Jean Halko calls a Bingo number. She said she is the only female caller (patrons say a male's voice carries better). What year is this?

Lorraine Setaro, visiting from Florida to see her sister and cousins, holds up her hand signaling that she has Bingo.