Monday, December 7, 2009

A standard photo op turned precious

Annika Adrian-Hage, 6, of Pennington gives a spontaneous hug good-by to State of New Jersey Treasurer David Rousseau after a brief visit to present to Gov Jon Corzine, through the treasurer, a "basket of hope" containing pictures and stories representing over 160,000 children and adults with developmental disablities who would be affected state budget cuts. Her father Robert Hage is at left, holding twin sister Maya. Their registered nurse is Abi Fadairo and at right is Tom Baffuto, executive director of ARC of NJ. These two girls were interested in everything around the office except the proceedings, but when the official photo op was ending and the dad asked one of the girls, who was already near the exit, to wave goodbye, my spidey sense started tingling. Annika moved toward the treasurer and I moved in. This is why, after twenty-five years, I believe there are no bad assignments, only bad photographers.