Saturday, July 4, 2009

Just Ducky

Okay. Everybody into the pool! He meant people, not ducks. A resident of The Island section of Trenton, New Jersey called that a paddling of ducklings had taken up residence in her & her husband's pool, so off I went! I've been to similar assignments before where animals refuse to respect the boundaries of human constructs ;)

It's not a fossil. He's swimming underwater.

And here's the photograph that was the most trouble. The little buggers would move to the opposite direction of the slightest movement of a human at poolside so there was no way to get a close-up photo. That's where I proved that I'm smarter than the average bear...or duck, in this case. I clamped my camera to the pool's ladder with a wireless remote switch. It still took the owner and I about five minutes to maneuver them into position where I could get the wide angle close-up photograph I wanted.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Wedding Day

After a month of rainy days, last Saturday, the clouds parted for the union of Ted & Jennifer, but it wasn't the weather that made it a beautiful day, it was the joining of two sweet people, their families and their cultures. Congratulations and mazel tov!