Thursday, April 30, 2009

My boss told me he was going to want me to get a weather photo the next day, but as every National Geographic photographer wannabe knows, the best light is usually around dawn and dusk. So I had three choices, wait until the next day and take my chances with the glaring, overhead sun, wait until the next day and wake up at dawn (?!?) or wait until dusk later that day. It wasn't a tough choice, especially since there are more people around at dusk than dawn. After I went home, I waited a couple of hours and went out "in search of." I soon found a park and a young man fishing in a pond. The dwindling light was right and the soft glow of the lights from a little league baseball game next to the pond even helped brighten up the young lad. I braced my elbows on a fence and made the exposure. I left the horizon slightly tilted as I originally shot it because it to me it looks like the curvature of the earth. In fact, with the blue water and green moss, the pond looks like the earth. The only problem is it's a horizontal and they need a vertical for the cover of a magazine. Doh!