Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jersey Fresh

Farmer Ronny Lee, of Lee Turkey Farm in East Windsor, New Jersey, holds a flat of broccoli seedlings he has grown in his home-made incubators (on the ground on either side), which serve the same purpose as a greenhouse for much less expense, he says. The past month's precipitation has delayed planting in the fields this year. But soon, these seedlings will be spread throughout the fields and produce good yields. Keep your eyes peeled. Now it can be revealed. The farmer is well-heeled. I'm standing just inside a fence so to get it all in I took two photos and stitched them together. Think global if you want to, but eat local.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Donovan 2

Ok. I've had a chance to get over the shock, but I'm still trying to decide what it means to trade your eleven-year quarterback to a division rival. He can tell the Redskins 1) all about the Eagles offense, 2) much about the defense and 3) special teams, 4,5,6,and 7 ALL about Andy Reid. That should be worth lots to the Redskins. On the other side, the Eagles will know 1) all about Donovan. You do the math. Here he is in the recent past, facing his future team.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Donovan - WTF?

In NFL Team Management 101 (which is as far as I got) they told us to try not to trade a player to your division rival because you play them twice a year and you'll have to get past them to win your division AND they'll tell their new team all your secrets. And obviously don't trade the quarterback because he knows everything about your team. That's head coach Andy Reid (who has been very protective of his quarterback ever since they started going together in 1999) talking with Donovan McNabb telling him "I brought you here and I'll never trade you, but if I do, you won't turn your anger into laser-focused desire that you never had before and destroy us on your way to your first Super Bowl win with your new coach, will you?" Donovan's thinking "Let me sleep on it. I'll give you an answer in the morning."