Sunday, December 30, 2007

With this run in the first quarter, Philadelphia Eagles RB Brian Westbrook set the franchise record for yardage in a single season.

With this catch, he broke the franchise single-season record for receptions. (He's even a good blocker, too.)

Here's the punter Sav Rocca making a big tackle on a guy trying to make a big return on one of his punts.

He even gave him a little push back down after the tackle to rub salt in the wound. (Punters aren't supposed to be this tough, but Rocca is a former Australian rules footballer. BTW, there's another picture of him making a tackle on last week's post. Scroll down to Thursday, December 20th.)

As another season comes to an end, my shooting partner Martin Griff loads his cameras into the trunk of his Toyota Echo. Martin also writes a ski column for The Times and blogs on the subject. You can find it on Look for the blogs and scroll down to the bottom of the list to find his. (They save the best for last.) Update: You could just go right here:

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas 2007!

Here's Santa (aka John Krug) with Madison Ritter, 2 1/2 months, of Lawrenceville, NJ.

The next images are from a massice computer-controlled display of holiday lights at the home of Paul Wolf, also of Lawrenceville. If you've ever stood in the middle of a Chrsitmas Tree and looked straight up, you know this view.

Here's a small part of the electrical wiring!

Paul Wolf walks the line looking for burnt-out bulbs.

Daughter Joanna Wolf, 10, helps keep the display running.

By nightfall, everything is ready.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Philadelphia Eagles punter Sav Rocca makes a TD saving tackle on a punt return by Seattle Seahawks Nate Burleson in the 2nd quarter. It was close most of the game except at the end when the Eagles fell short and lost.

The following week was no better. When the NY (who play home games in New Jersey) Giants travel down the turnpike to Philadelphia, fans will tangle.
At this time, the Eagles had the upper hand, so the local Eagles fan gets to harrass the Giants fan.

With things still looking good for the Eagles, Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey can't hold onto a TD pass in the cold December ray-y-ane which is even colder then November rain.).

Here's the part where it doesn't look so good for the home team. The Eagles had to attempt a 56-yd field goal in the final seconds to tie. It went so far as to hit the crossbar...and bounce the wrong way. It missed. Game over. Eagles lose. Worst of all, I lose again and must buy my daughter-in-law chocolate chip cookies.

The Last Bingo - for the Ukranian Church of the Holy Trinity on Adeline St. in Trenton. The church held its final Bingo on December 11. One more thing that isn't going to be there anymore.

Bingo worker Barbara Scabarozi takes Bingo cards out of a closet.

Jean Halko calls a Bingo number. She said she is the only female caller (patrons say a male's voice carries better). What year is this?

Lorraine Setaro, visiting from Florida to see her sister and cousins, holds up her hand signaling that she has Bingo.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Can you tell this is a college student working in the field? Not your average uniform for farm work, but these are young people doing volunteer time harvesting beets (among other things) at Honey Brook Organic Farm in Pennington for Farmers Against Hunger, a hunger-relief organization in Mercer County, under a program from the Bonner Foundation. This type of labor is hard enough on the back, but especially tough on those Uggs!

Monday, November 19, 2007

When the Miami Dolphins came to play the Eagles, they left Philadelphia the same way they came, winless. The Eagles defense held the Dolphin offense scoreless.

Here Lito Sheppard breaks up a pass intended for Derek Hagen.

Brian Westbrook rushed for 148 yards on 32 carries, both career-highs.

Already a diehard Eagles fab at age 6, Thomas Hall Jr braves the cold November rain along with his mom, Felicia.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I certainly don't have a problem with the weather on my job as a photojournalist. I have a pancho, plastic bags, all the necessary rain gear, but sometimes it pays to just stay in your car (and not even roll the window down) for a picture. I barely even left home, finding this man walking his dog in my hometown of Bordentown NJ.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veterans Day 2007

Shadows are cast by visitors looking at newly-unveiled Memorial Bricks following a ceremony at the Hopewell Valley Veteran's Memorial.

Veteran Sevy DiCocco, one of the readers, recites names of those memorialized in the bricks.

Hopewell resident Sue Niederer, right, whose son, Army 2nd Lt. Seth J. Dvorin, a graduate of South Brunswick High School, was killed in the line of duty Feb. 3, 2004, holds back tears during the playing of "Taps" at a Veterans Day ceremony held at the Catholic War Veterans in Trenton. With Niederer is her grandson (Seth's namesake) Seth J. Dvorin, 19 months. He is the son of Seth's sister. Veterans from left are John Prihoda, Marine Corps Leage & John Stefani, Italian-American War Veterans.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Passers-by check out the elaborate Halloween decorations on a house in the 100 block of N Union St in Lambertville where many residents went all-out this year. How about where you live?

And let's not forget the lovely town where I live, Bordentown. This man started four years ago with a display of 50 jack-o-lanterns in his yard and now he's up to 214! He can't stop now either because people look forward to seeing his yard all aglow each Halloween.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Eagles-Bears game was a 4:15pm start which meant I had to consider newspaper deadline pressure. When the Eagles finally scored the first touchdown of the game, I shot it (left) and ran through the tunnel back to the workroom to process it and send it. I finished quickly and with that out of the way, I decided to try and get back on the field for some post-game celebration. There was a minute left in the game and looking around for someone on the Eagles bench cheering on the crowd or some such thing. I kept wandering and then realized that the Bears were actually moving down the field. I got to about the 20-yd line in time to catch the Bears' score with nine seconds remaining (right). They had gone 97 yds with no timeouts. Game over.

Here's the tale of two quarterbacks: Bears QB Brian Griese avoids a sack by Lito Sheppard and Donovan McNabb gets sacked in the 4th quarter by a few people.

Except for the last drive, the Eagles defense was OK. Here, Sheldon Brown breaks up a third down pass attempt to Chicago Bears WR Muhsin Muhammad (he's the giy who would later catch the game-winning TD) in the 2nd quarter.

The Eagles' biggest weapon, Brian Westbrook, wound up with 119 yds combined, but he's just one man.

Monday, October 15, 2007

The funky, artsy, river town of New Hope, PA had some of the business community promote a biker friendly day Sunday. However, not everyone in New Hope wants to welcome the sometimes noisy motorcyclists en masse. Here, local law enforcement officers were on hand to keep a watchful eye.

All in all, there weren't that many extra bikers and good will carried the day.

Relatives look over a photo album looking for their loved one.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

There's a fascinating section in the city of Trenton. It's like stepping into a modern city in Poland (this coming from someone who has never set foot outside of North America) but anyway, where it seems like all the growing is happening in suburbs, this is a thriving community within a city, the city I grew up in, and here's something you don't see everyday. Taking a leap of faith, Bishop John M. Smith, Catholic Diocese of Trenton, center, steps into the basket of a lift as he prepares for his ascension to bless the new roof at St Hedwig Church in Trenton. The ceremony happened, of course, after Sunday mass. Helping him are Robert Zaremba, the roofer, left and Father Jack Labinski, Pastor, St Hedwig.

And we have liftoff!

The faithful are pleased with the levitating Bishop.

Once the roof is done, the Bishop turns to bless the crowd below.