Sunday, January 9, 2011

The End of the Road (to vic-to-ry).

This is a picture of air. Two men jumping in the air and the air going out of the Eagles' sails. The momentum was building. The comeback was set. After a game of Packer domination, the Eagles had the ball, a little time and momentum. Riley Cooper was supposed to catch this ball in the end zone and give the over-achieving Eagles the first-round playoff win, but the interception blew all that and left the crowd gasping for air.

Before the game started, the crowd wanted to be happy.

Michael Vick was sacked early and too often.

The Eagles did do some flying.

Or apparent levitation, at least.

I had a feeling Asante Samuel was going to make an interception on this play, so I was ready. He wasn't quite.

At the end, Jeremy Maclin walks off while Packers celebrate.