Friday, September 25, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Why, Eagles, Why?

"Coulda, would, shoulda, didn't." That's a direct quote from former Eagles QB Bubby Brister. Remember him? The Eagles had quite a few different guys line up behind center today with that new Wildcat formation, which was cool because it was so different. It was the first NFL start for the Eagles QB of the future Kevin Kolb. He didn't play great, but he's low on the list of reasons why the Eagles lost.

The game was preceeded by the always awe-inspiring military jet fly-by. I'm serious, when those big birds of fire scream overhead, all I want to know is where do I surrender?

DeSean Jackson's 71 TD catch from QB Kevin Kolb was cause for celebration early.

Unfortunately, there were more big plays going the other way.

Just around the time the Saints' Robert Meache ran out of room to run, my camera ran out of room to fit him inside the frame.

Here's Kevin Kolb late in the game receiving the traditional "Welcome to the NFL, starter" hug from an opponent.