Saturday, January 5, 2008

Trenton firefighters douse the back roof of the site of a house fire at 38 Chestnut St. in Trenton in frigid weather.

Kim Davis, holds a shivering "Mittens", one of her cats which was rescued by Trenton Firefighters from the fire.

This is what 96 looks like, at least if you're Elsie Davis, born in Asbury Park, currently resideing in Trenton with her daughter. She was quoted in a story about New Jersey trying to be the first state to officially apologize for slavery. She is descended from slaves. Elsie has had 12 children and can still go up and down steps by herself but told me that after raising all those children, she feels like these days she has nothing to do. It was interesting to hear her perspective. She's thankful every day she wakes up, yet she indicated that she would be alright with it if it was over, only hoping that she would pass peacefully in her sleep.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

With this run in the first quarter, Philadelphia Eagles RB Brian Westbrook set the franchise record for yardage in a single season.

With this catch, he broke the franchise single-season record for receptions. (He's even a good blocker, too.)

Here's the punter Sav Rocca making a big tackle on a guy trying to make a big return on one of his punts.

He even gave him a little push back down after the tackle to rub salt in the wound. (Punters aren't supposed to be this tough, but Rocca is a former Australian rules footballer. BTW, there's another picture of him making a tackle on last week's post. Scroll down to Thursday, December 20th.)

As another season comes to an end, my shooting partner Martin Griff loads his cameras into the trunk of his Toyota Echo. Martin also writes a ski column for The Times and blogs on the subject. You can find it on Look for the blogs and scroll down to the bottom of the list to find his. (They save the best for last.) Update: You could just go right here: