Thursday, October 11, 2007

There's a fascinating section in the city of Trenton. It's like stepping into a modern city in Poland (this coming from someone who has never set foot outside of North America) but anyway, where it seems like all the growing is happening in suburbs, this is a thriving community within a city, the city I grew up in, and here's something you don't see everyday. Taking a leap of faith, Bishop John M. Smith, Catholic Diocese of Trenton, center, steps into the basket of a lift as he prepares for his ascension to bless the new roof at St Hedwig Church in Trenton. The ceremony happened, of course, after Sunday mass. Helping him are Robert Zaremba, the roofer, left and Father Jack Labinski, Pastor, St Hedwig.

And we have liftoff!

The faithful are pleased with the levitating Bishop.

Once the roof is done, the Bishop turns to bless the crowd below.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Trenton firefighter Robert Bland, left, of Ladder 4, hoses off a man caught hiding out after a stolen car chase. The man jumped out of the car and off of a bridge and entered a storm drain. It must have seemed like a good escape route, but unfortuately for him, the width of the pipe became too small for him to go very far, so after a standoff, looking like a color-blind contestant at an audition for the Blue Man Group, he came out and gave himself up. At The Times, our resident punmeister Ralph quipped that the fellow must have tried to commit sewer-side. Ouch!