Wednesday, April 16, 2008

From left, Theresa & Michael Pohle join TCNJ students and others in a lie-in in Brower Student Center to mark the one-year anniversary of the Virginia Tech shooting that claimed 32 lives. Their son, Michael Jr, was one of its victims.
April 15th is tax day and that means the Coalition for Peace Action is in front of the Palmer Square Post Office with their Penny Poll asking passers-by to take ten pennies and allocate them as they would like to see their tax dollars spent. A lot of people who are naturally hesitant warm up the the idea once they find out that the coalition supplies the pennies! Afterwards,participants are given a handout which lists the breakdown of how their tax dollars are allocated in reality. The Coalition's executive director, Rev. Robert Moore is at left.


In addition to April 15th being Tax Day, it's also local school board election day. In Hamilton Township. the polls opened at 2pm and it looked like this. This was the third location I tried. At the first two schools, I had the same experience. The principals politely asked me to hold on while they called the district office for permission (?!?) and then after a while, they came back and said they had asked the people manning the polls and they didn't want to be photographed (double ?!?). Anyhow, the way this school was set up, one didn't have to go past the office to get to the voting machines. The door at right leads directly outside, so I simply went in and discreetly made a few photographs while election workers were busily involved in their important work.

P.S. This is a digital panoramic, two frames stitched together, giving the perspective of an old panoramic camera I used to rent and use. If you care what that is and don't know, in a normal camera, the shutter opens and closes and the image is instantaneously recorded on a frame of film. With a panoramic camera, the shutter is a slit that moves from left to right during the exposure and the image is recorded over the space of several frames of film as the slit moves.