Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Que guapo! It wasn't me. It was the parents of 22-month-old Odir Bonilla who took a sharpie to his face to age-progress him to how he'll probably look (adding a few wrinkles) as an old man. How cute is this kid? I couldn't believe my eyes when I first spotted him looking down the street from his stroller to see the Hispanic Parade make it's way up Hamilton Avenue in Trenton, New Jersey.

Later that same day, the "Double A" New York Yankees affiliate Trenton Thunder clinched, for the second consecutive year, the Eastern League Championship, beating the Akron (OH) Aeros. That's quite an accomplishment considering it's a player development league and if a somebody too good, he's off the team, to "Single A" or he might even get the call up to the majors.