Thursday, May 14, 2009

Last Sunday I got to photograph country legend Randy Travis at his Mother's Day concert in Trenton at Patriots Theater. Besides being a photojournalist, I do some graphic design and now features editing at The Times and I put him on the cover of our weekend entertainment tab called Good Times so I thought I'd go and see in him in person, too. I'm not the world's biggest country fan, but still a fan. I've never seen a big country star in person and Randy is big and he and his band are damn good and I say that as a fan and lifelong musician. It's always a pleasure to see someone at the top of their game, even if it's a game I'm not good at myself. First, here's the cover:

(I had to give a little shout out to the Star Trek movie opening, too.) And here's from the concert:

Also, I posted some others on a site I'm trying out called Zenfolio. The slideshow feature is nice. (The icon is near the top right.)