Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rider University students march on campus past the frat house where Gary L. DeVercelly lived in a Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity sponsored "Cali March" to raise money for the Gary L. DeVercelly, Jr. Scholarship and to increase awareness about the danger of alcohol abuse. DeVercelly died recently after drinking more than half a bottle of vodka in what is being investigated as a possible hazing incident.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Everybody's heard about the radio DJ calling the Rutgers Women's basketball team a name. Sunday, April 22, the team was treated to a "Spa Day" at the Princeton Fitness & Wellness Center . In the photo above, Rutgers Women's basketball player Rashidat Junaid, right, feels the burn working with Pilates instructor Cheryl Brown Romano, center, on a Pilates reformer machine while Rutgers teammate Myia McCurdy, left, enjoys her friend's struggle and below, player Judith Ray enjoys a different vibe, low lights and a massage from therapist Fatima Doczi.

BTW, my daughter works on Saturdays at a bagel shop/deli in New Brunswick called "Hole in the Wall". These women and members of the football team frequent the place. Rumor is, that's what gives them their magic sports powers.