Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What are these 4th graders from Washington Elementary School in Trenton doing?

Helping to plow a field in the city for planting.

Reacting to red worms crawling around on their hands.

Horses (Jess & Bill) from Howell Living History Farm in Hopewell Township, were brought in to plow the field at the Chestnut Avenue Garden of Three Points. The spring plow, which included other activities such as composting, corn shelling & making animal feed, was hosted by Isles Inc.'s Community Gardening Program. Vegetables will soon be sprouting up in the city.

Monday, April 7, 2008

It would be nice to always be original, but after all these years, I'm bound to start repeating myself once in a while. Here's an example. I made this photo of the reenactment of Washington Crossing the Delaware (which appeared in the coffee-table book Christmas in America in 1988).

It was special to have a picture published somewhere that it wouldn't wind up lining the bottom of the bird cage the next day. Can you blame me for trying to re-create my past success when I spotted this?