Saturday, June 2, 2007

At Trenton's Annual Heritage Days Festival, diversity is the word. Aside from all the expected festival stuff like ethnic food, dance and culture, here, candidates for US citizenship take their oath in front of the State House right during the festival. I thought it strange that one of the people in this group of seven didn't want to give me their name, but here's their country of origin from left, India, Sudan, Trinidad and Tobago, Liberia, Ecuador, Jamaica & Poland.

And here's an image of what one might expect at Heritage Days, a performance by members of the Thunderbird American Indian Dancers.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

My father was a WWII veteran. He was injured during the war and had trouble with his leg his whole life after doctors did what they could in the field. That was probably the least troublesome of what he had to carry around with him for the rest of his life, although he didn't act weighed down. He passed on almost 10 years ago and whenever I get an assignment involving his peers, I feel a special kinship with these men of "the greatest generation".