Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rider University cheerleaders make an appearance in a sports action photo from a men's basketball game where Rider's record-holding rebounder #1 Jason Thompson outreaches Loyola's #13 Dan Ficke for a pass.

Kiara Thomas, 5, joins with the adults to sing "This Little Light of Mine" at services today at Westminster Presbyterian Church where Hannukah, Three Kings Day and Kwanzaa were all celebrated.

From left, Stacie Carr, Julie Coston & David Croft run across the Trenton Makes Bridge from Trenton into Morrisville at dawn on their morning loop which starts in front of Sacred Heart Church on S Broad St in Trenton. The three are part of a new Trenton running club. I enjoyed chasing them around (in my car) at the crack of dawn for one day.

I got them coming and going.